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Humidor Cabinet

This cabinet is made of Belize cedar and ebony in the mid-19th century style.

From 1830, the banking firm of H. Upmann started shipping cigars, sealed in cedar boxes and stamped with the emblem of the bank for the use of their directors in London. Soon afterwards, the bank decided to go full-scale into the cigar business, and their brand is still available today. The cedar box became established as a form of packaging for all the major Havana brands and all handmade cigars. This cedar cabinet would have shipped 10,000 cigars as the original packing crate. Cedar helps prevent cigars drying out, and furthers the maturing process.

The exterior is panelled with two doors at the front. An inlay banding outlines the panelled work, with a natural finish.

The interior has adjustable slatted shelves. There is a slide out drawer at the bottom of the interior which accommodates the electronic humidifcation unit. A digital hygrometer is at the top of the right hand door. The insides of the doors have Havana classic marques mounted behind chamfered glass and outlined with an ebony and cedar bead. All the fittings are solid brass.

This piece was awarded a Guild Mark (number 264) from The Worshipful Company of Furniture Makers. This award was for excellence of design, materials, craftsmanship and function.

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