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Commissioning a Humidor

A commission is something which is designed and made to the client\'s specification and is unique. Certain information is needed at the outset:

1. The quantity of cigars to be accommodated and their various sizes. There can either be a number of different sized cigars loose or cigars which are boxed and stored on slatted shelves or in compartments within the humidor.

2. Whether accessories are required to match the humidor and whether the lighter and ashtray are to be seperate and on show or brought out of the humidor only when the cigars are being smoked.

3. The humidor may be intended for a sitting room, drawing room, study, part of the interior of a yacht or an office. It may sit on a sideboard, console table or desk or be a free-standing cabinet or combined humidor and drinks cabinet.

4. The potential scope of the design is tremendous. Detail is relevant to the cost of the piece. My portfolio will act as a guide to help you. The pleasure of having a unique and beautiful piece of modern art which you have helped to create and which becomes part of your daily life is a wonderful experience.

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Commissioning a Piece of Furniture

A commission is something that is made to the clients specification. This can vary from boardroom or office to home furniture and may include humidors, christening, wedding, birthday, Christmas, presentation and retirement gifts.

1. The client approaches the designer-maker and a meeting is arranged at the home, office or the workshop.

2. At this meeting, the designer acquires information on the type and nature of the piece (e.g. table, sideboard, bookcase, chair and so on) and also the budget, to give both parties some idea of cost.

3. The designer will work on sketches based on the clients ideas and then meet the client again to confirm the design, the kinds of timbers, the types of finish (e.g. lacquer, oil, wax) and scale models if necessary.

4. A deposit is required to buy timber and materials. Stage payments may also be arranged for large items.

5. Detailed working drawings are prepared. The piece is made to the highest quality and delivered to the client.

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